Case Management

Many of the families we serve work with a dynamic team of supports and specialists, so we place a strong emphasis on coordination of care, which we achieve through our professional case management services.

Our team of dedicated case managers specialize in assisting families to navigate the complicated web of healthcare, school and social systems to obtain the greatest opportunities for the unique needs of their children. If paperwork is missing, we track it down. If authorizations are required, we complete them. We communicate with all members of the team and specialize in follow through.

Our Case Managers are dedicated to staying with families through the course of their treatment. In addition, we facilitate the continuation of services for families who relocate — wherever they go — so they never have to “start all over again” explaining their case to someone new.

Case Management services are provided to every family we serve in an effort to engage, support and integrate families into treatment in addition to facilitating communication among the child’s support team.


Case Management is a complimentary component of all ABA therapy services provided by Understanding Behavior.